7 Acre Wood Animal Boarding Kennel is located West of Morris, Manitoba on Highway 23. Approximately 45 minutes South of Winnipeg and just 30 minutes North from the Border !

Services include dog boarding and day-care services, low-cost foster for adoption agencies as well as cat and small critter boarding.

Prior to boarding, proof of up-to-date Veterinary care is required.

While each pet is in care, they receive individual attention, exercise, socialization, play-time and much more at the request of their owners and all at no extra cost. By offering not not only personal experience but professional experience in the animal care field, each animal is in great care!


As the facility is smaller, there is always someone close by to care for each animal and there is more opportunity to make experiences more personalized for each animal.

The fully fenced outdoor play-area offers dogs multiple opportunities to relieve themselves as well as exercise and socialize with others or be let out individually. When needed, there is also a large play area indoors.


In the back area where the dogs are housed as well as the front area where cats and small critters are housed, there are often radios playing which is known to be quite relaxing for some animals. In the back dog area there is a large screened garage door which is open during nice weather to allow natural light and fresh air into the back area. It is very relaxing and the scenery keeps the dogs entertained.

Boarding for cats and small caged critters takes place in a separate area. Each cat has their own level in a clean and spacious cat condo, or if space permits, a whole condo to themselves. The cats are provided with the opportunity for free time in the cat room to explore and exercise.

Varying sizes of enclosures are offered as well, if needed. If it is safe for them, critters are also given free time to explore and exercise.


West of Morris, Manitoba on Highway 23.

Please contact for directions, Google Maps is not always accurate.

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