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Robert Zacharias

"I really enjoy working with and caring for all types of animals. I offer years of personal as well as professional experience with not only companion animals but also with farm animals and wildlife. As a young person, Moshum & Kokum (Cree Grandparents) taught me to respect and appreciate animals and nature and to never take either for granted.

I have previously had a successful career as a welder for 25+ years, but decided in 2013 it was time for something more rewarding. I thank my wife, Sheila, for all of her hard work and support. She plays a huge role in this business. She works hard at the kennel every day cleaning, organizing, and she especially enjoys cuddling with the cats and the critters."


"I want to thank my family members for their continued support. I am proud of them for pursuing their dreams and working towards the careers they are most passionate about."

CFAM Radio Interview - 2015