Indoor Dog Area

  • Climate-controlled/ heated flooring.

  • 14 dog kennels.

  • All interior kennels have a wall-barrier for privacy and safety.

  • 3 interior kennels have a top for those who are inclined to climbing.

  • 2 larger kennels set aside for siblings to share.

  • Play area indoors either in the back and/or in the reception area. Big & small dogs can be separate.

  • A bright and spacious atmosphere with healthy air-flow.

  • Cleaned on a daily basis.

Can be provided:

  • Clean, elevated pet cot.

  • Extra blankets, toys, and food and water dishes available.

Outdoor Dog Area

  • Each dog run has a dog-door for access to an exterior kennel.

  • The dogs have all day access when the weather permits, except at night.

  • All exterior kennels have a wall-barrier for privacy and safety.

  • All exterior kennels have chain-link tops for extra safety. 

  •  Supervised exercise and playtime.

  •  Fenced for extra safety.

  • Plenty of space for individual or group playtime.

  • Opportunity to socialize and bond with other dogs as well as staff members/ volunteers.

Cat Area

  • 4 cat condos in a separate room than the dogs. Two of the condos can be split, offering space for 4 cats at a time.

  • Bright and spacious with healthy air-flow.

  • The room and each condo is cleaned thoroughly between each cat.

  • Controlled heating and cooling systems.​

    Can be provided:

  • Clean box for litter (Please supply your own litter)

  • Extra blankets, toys, and food and water dishes available.